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Fort Mojave Indian Tribe of Arizona, California, and Nevada

Court Hours of Operation

Available by Phone: Monday- Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  Closed for lunch 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Open to the Public:  Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. 



The mission of the Fort Mojave Tribal Court is to discover and determine truth in legal conflicts arising within the territorial boundaries of the Reservation according to the laws that govern this Tribal Nation. By exercising the judicial powers of the Tribe, the Court implements avenues of resolution that result in fairness, repair relationships, avoid retribution, require appropriate punishment, and seek to rehabilitate and restore balance to individuals and the community.

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Fort Mojave Tribal Court Standards

These standards are intended to encourage order and respect for the proceedings in the Fort Mojave Tribal Court. Violation of these standards will delay or cause refusal of entry into the courthouse and/or court hearings.

What are the Security Rules for Entering the Courthouse?2020-09-11T04:39:39+00:00

All persons entering the courthouse must travel through the metal detector and have bags and/or purses inspected. Security will determine if an item is to be allowed into a secure area.

No weapons of any kind are allowed in the courthouse. “Weapons” include, but are not limited to:

-Deadly Weapons (Box Cutters, Butterfly Knives, Firearms, Daggers, Knives, Pen Guns, Razors, Razor Blades, Straight Razors, and Swords)

-Deadly Explosives (Black Powder, Blasting Caps, Dynamite, Fireworks, Plastic Explosives, and Nitroglycerine)

-Flammable Liquids (Acetone, Alcohol, Ether, Gasoline, Lighter Fluid, Paint Thinner, Sterno, and Turpentine)

-Caustic Alkalis, Acids, and Corrosive Substances (Acetic Acid, Ammonia Water, Arsenic, Carbolic Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Hypochlorous Acid, Nitric Acid, Oxalic Acid, Potassium Hydroxide, Silver Nitrate, Sodium Hydroxide, and Sulfuric Acid)

-Contraband (Bombs, Grenades, Explosives, Incendiary Devices, Land Mine, Poison Gas, and Rockets)

-Any Other Potentially Dangerous Instrument (Ammunition, Ammunition Components (primers, percussion caps, smokeless powder, and black powder used for hand loading), Asps, Baseball Bats, Batons, Bicycle Chains, Black Jacks, Brass Knuckles, Bullets, Bullet Clips, Clubs, Cork Screws, Crochet Hooks, Darts, Facsimiles of Weapons, Gun Lighters, Hammers, Handcuffs, Hatchets, Horse Shoes, Ice Picks, Knitting Needles, Letter Openers, Lock Picks, Meat Cleavers, Martial Arts Devices, Multi Blade Knives, Ninja Pins, Nail Files (4 inches or longer), Plastic/Brass Knuckles, Safety Pins (large), Scissors, Spikes, Stakes, Syringes, Throwing Stars, Tools, and Toy Guns/Weapons)

Can I Bring My Cellphone or Other Recording Device to Court?2020-07-15T02:12:06+00:00

Cellphones, video or still cameras, and recording devices are not allowed in the courthouse unless previously approved by the Court. Text messages that are going to be used as evidence need to be printed and brought in hard copy form.

What Type of Identification Do I Need for Court?2020-07-15T02:14:03+00:00

You must have a valid photo ID when filing documents with the court. Government issued photo IDs include:

-Driver’s License
-Tribal Identification Card
-US Military ID
-Permanent Resident Card

Can I Bring My Children to Court?2020-07-15T02:14:30+00:00

Children are not allowed in the courtroom unless they are offering testimony in a proceeding. Unless they are required to be in the courtroom, do not bring children with you to court, as they cannot be left unattended.

Where is the Courthouse Located?2020-07-15T02:14:47+00:00

8492 South Highway 95
Mohave Valley, Arizona 86440

How Do I Prepare to Come to Court?2020-07-28T01:31:55+00:00

Arrive early to your hearing with prepared exhibits. This way you will be able to park, pass through security, get last minute questions answered, and collect your thoughts. When you arrive, check in at the Clerk’s window for further instructions.

Is There a Dress Code for Court?2020-09-11T04:40:47+00:00

All parties involved in matters before the Fort Mojave Tribal Court shall dress in a respectful and appropriate manner indicative of the dignity of court proceedings when entering the court building. While a clean shirt or blouse; dress; and long pants (including jeans that are not torn) or skirt are recommended, the following are required:

-Shoes must be worn at all times.

-Midriffs/stomachs are to be covered at all times.

-No halter-tops, tank-tops, or muscle shirts are to be worn. Backs are to be covered at all times.

-No mini-skirts or short-shorts allowed.

-With religious and medical exceptions, no hats, headscarves, headbands, or kerchiefs may be worn.

-No exposed underwear.

-No fitness (gym) attire.

-No see-through tops.

-No flip-flops.

-Trousers are to be worn at the waist line and shirttails are to be tucked in.

-No clothing with obscene, vulgar, or inappropriate images or wording. This includes, but is not limited to, clothing that depicts or promotes violence; gang affiliation; sex acts; illegal drug use; racially inflammatory words or symbols; and profanity.

How do I Contact the Probation Department?2020-07-28T01:31:03+00:00

You can reach the Probation Department at (928) 346-5290. You must call to make an appointment before coming to the Probation Office.

What does the Prosecutor do?2020-08-26T21:36:17+00:00

The Office of the Prosecutor represents the Tribe in criminal and civil cases against those suspected of breaking the laws established by the Fort Mojave Law and Order Code.  You can reach the Prosecutor’s Office at (928) 346-2400.

Who do I call if I need a lawyer?2020-08-26T21:36:37+00:00

Upon request, the Tribal Advocate is available to represent Fort Mojave Tribal Members who have been charged with violating the laws of the Fort Mojave Law and Order Code.   Chris Channell serves as the Interim Court Advocate and is available for advocacy services via telephone or email at (402) 630-5051 or  If you are not a Fort Mojave Tribal Member, you can retain an attorney to provide legal advice.  Please note:  The attorney you select must be admitted to practice before the Fort Mojave Tribal Court to represent you in this court.


Fort Mojave Tribal Court

8492 South Highway 95 | Mohave Valley, Arizona

Clerk’s Office Phone: 928-346-5293

Fax: 928-346-5287

Probation Office Phone: 928 346-5290